We are based in the School of Engineering at the Univeristy of Edinburgh
[Group meeting schedule]


2021-present: A. Robertson, PhD student
2019-present: Y. Li, PhD student (with J. Sun and J. Royer)


in Edinburgh:
2020-2021: K. Antoniou (with W Poon), MPhys student, Illuminating contact forces in suspensions
2020-2021: L. Debono, MEng student, The Rheology of Dense Suspensions in Viscoelastic Media under Shear Flow
2020-2021: M. Blair, MEng student, Thickening in dense suspensions under shear flow

in Cambridge:
2017-2018: R. Tilley, MEng student, Shear Thinning of Dense Cornstarch Suspensions at High Shear Rates
2017-2018: P. Martin, MEng student, Extensional Rheology of Dense non-Brownian Suspensions
2017-2018: K. Poon, MEng student, Extensional Rheology of Shear Thickening Materials
2017-2018: C. Rusli, MEng student, Extensional Rheology of Shear Thickening Materials
2017-2018: L. Sefton, MPhys student, Absorbing phase transitions in granular suspensions
2017-2018: N. Wolf (with A. Zaccone), MPhys student, Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Sheared Particles
2016-2017: A. Khan (with N. Vriend), MPhil student, Visualising and Characterising Contact Networks in Submerged Photoelastic Disks
2016-2017: M. Jones, NanoDTC student, Tuning the Rheology of Athermal Particle Suspensions with Attractive Interactions
2016-2017: O. Cheal, MPhys student, Fragile Behaviour of Dense Suspensions Under Elongational Flow

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